Breakfast at Isabel

February 11, 2011

Thanks to our obsession with Groupon my bf and I purchased the perfect one for Isabel in the Pearl District. It was $10 for $20 for breakfast, fantastic! We hadn’t been there before….and we will be going back for sure!! Our service was very good, not busy but I would guess weekends are packed! We picked the perfect day to go. :)

Our food was fantastic. I had read a lot of reviews online before going so that I would have an idea of what to pick. I ordered the Blackberry Pancakes, which were soooo good! 3 perfect sized pancakes with a great texture and perfect amount of berries. I also liked that they aren’t blueberries, everybody does those! Served with a little pad of butter, (not a heart stopping amount) delicious maple syrup, and a sweet little amount of blackberry puree! Yum! My bf also ordered something delicious but totally opposite of mine. He ordered the Avacado Scramble. Avacado with scrambled eggs and cheese, crispy jalepeno potatoes, black beans, and a tortilla. Absolutely wonderful.

Overall I give them an A+ I will definitely go back again and again. This is now my favorite breakfast in Portland!

PS a picture of the double rainbow from my apartment yesterday <3


2 Responses to “Breakfast at Isabel”

  1. Fabian said

    I give this blogpost an A++!

  2. Katarina Colaco said

    Oh Em Gee. Can we go there when I come home and order both! :) Nothing better then pancakes and Mexican style breakfast. My two favorite foods! Delicious. :) I like that you added restaurants to the blog. Gives it variety. Not that I don’t love reading the recipes too ;) It was a nice surprise for my midterm week :)


    PS. I will see you in 27 days. :D

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