Strawberry Rice Pudding!

April 22, 2011

Where do I even start?? I had never had rice pudding until this AMAZING place opened up two blocks from my apartment last spring…. Pudding on the Rice. It’s the cutest little shop that serves chilled rice pudding in a variety of flavors, including my favorite, Strawberry Fields Forever. You can order a sweet or savory crepe that is made to order, a rice bowl filled with veggies, frozen yogurt, or of course…rice pudding. I’ve been addicted ever since I first went and keep my punch card handy. If you like them on Facebook, they’ll let you know when you can get free treats, get %15 off, etc..

So anyway! I’ve wanted to tackle rice pudding for a while but I was afraid it would be terrible compared to theirs… :-/ After searching through a dozen recipes online, I saw that they posted a recipe that their owner, Jessica, had used on a local news station. Perfect! So the following recipe is thanks to them, although I cut the recipe in half. :)

I added pureed strawberries because I have them and they happen to be my favorite.. In case you didn’t see my Strawberry Buttercream recipe, I had some berries I needed to use up. Feel free to add whatever you’d like! Vanilla, chocolate, caramel, blueberry, almond extract, etc. Also, looking at recipes online, I saw that most people (all of them) served theirs warm and I was like “WHAT” because my only experience is with POTR and it’s served chilled. I ate it both ways, warm after preparing and chilled later in the afternoon, both were delicious. Chilled is definitely the way to go though… in my opinion. :)

It was actually very simple, the only bother is stirring during the cooking time. I didn’t mind though, I had quite a set up. I sat on the counter next to the stove, set up my lap top on my table, and watched Biggest Loser while I stirred! Haha, quite a healthy combination.. ;)

Rice Pudding <–I’m posting the halved recipe, if you are feeding an army, double it.

2 cups milk (I used 1% and it was awesome!)

1/2 cup sugar

a pinch of salt

1 cup of cooked rice (I measured after I cooked it. I used my rice cooker and water. Don’t have one? Why?!)

1/4 cup heavy cream

1 egg

1. Add the milk, sugar, salt, and rice to a saucepan and turn on to medium heat. Stir continuously, the mixture shouldn’t boil, if it does and you can’t seem to stir the bubbles away, turn it down a little. Cook like this until it is thick, about 30 minutes. Don’t count on the time though, if it is thick, it’s done.

2. Turn off the heat, microwave the cream for like 20 seconds. Add the egg to the cream to temper it. Whisk to combine and slowly whisk in to the rice mixture.

3. Done!!! Add your desired flavor, vanilla, chocolate chips, strawberry, etc. I added about 1/3 cup of pureed strawberries and a dash of vanilla extract.

So easy right?! This isn’t something you want to keep around for weeks. Cover with plastic wrap and chill or serve warm. Really delicious recipe, so versatile! It gives me some hope for our move to Europe next year, although I’m sure I’ll still have POTR withdrawls! ;)

PS You don’t need a big serving, a little goes a long way. :)



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