Vanilla Cake Pops

June 17, 2011

As you probably saw on my first cake pop post, I knew these little bebes would be a dessert I’d be making again and again. Now let me tell you, I have taken tons of treats to work for my coworkers, but cake pops seem to be the top request that I have been getting for the past couple of months since I first took some in. Funny thing is, only like 5 employees even got to try them but everybody is begging for them, due to their recent pop up in coffee shops.

Making your own are way better than the mass-produced ones you’ll find in Starbucks. If you feel the need, you can make your base cake with a boxed mix. But I would recommend making one from scratch.. :) The last ones I blogged were chocolate coconut cake dipped in chocolate and topped with chopped almonds, to create an Almond Joy flavor palate. This time I decided to make a basic vanilla cake and dip it into vanilla candy coating. They are colored orange, which my Mom found for me at Michael’s. I had a variety of sprinkles to use, giving them all a cute appearance.

They were a hit at work, it’s funny to see all the personal trainers coming out of the break room at the end of their shifts carrying a bright orange cake pop! :)

They are easier than you think! And absolutely delicious!



2 Responses to “Vanilla Cake Pops”

  1. Fabian said

    such wonderful pictures!!!!

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