Banana Butterscotch Cupcakes

November 26, 2011

Yes. Simply delicious.

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Not a fan of pumpkin pie? Me neither. The texture of pumpkin pie freaks me out.. :/ However the texture of these cupcakes are nothing like pumpkin pie. They’re everything you would expect, light, fluffy and perfectly moist. I first made this recipe about a year ago for Halloween and Thanksgiving and they were a hit with my family (24 Hour Fitness family included.) I decided I would post these so you can try them out and include them for your Holiday festivities.

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Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

August 3, 2011

Better than the cookie, I swear.

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My home boy Wayne (Whazzup Wayne?!) from work at 24 had his birthday today! :)  and for his birthday he requested lemon something. Thursday I went to both Whole Foods and Safeway and they had yucky lemons! :( So those will come another day and I found a rich and delicious replacement as far away from lemon as you can get! Prepare yourselves, ladies and  gents..these cupcakes will blow your brains!

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Let me start out by saying that coconut anything is never my favorite, but when I bit into these cupcakes to test them I literally said “wow” outloud to myself. They are incredible. The coconut flavor is just enough without being overwhelming. I was going to pair them with a white chocolate buttercream but I was out of white chocolate…pff. So that will come another day! :) And I realized that I have not done a vanilla buttercream on the blog yet, which is pretty crazy. I’ve gotten many compliments on this icing, it isn’t too sweet and the texture is not anything like butter!

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Ahhh… Yes. My favorite fruit, infused into a buttercream! I was planning on making vanilla buttercream and then I looked in the fridge and saw two pints of strawberries… :) I could have made a strawberry cupcake too, but there are too many times that I forfeit vanilla for something eh…more exciting. I don’t give the sweet taste of vanilla enough credit. But who does?? A few months back I took my niece Olivia to Cool Moon Ice Cream and when she said she wanted vanilla, I gave her the “Really Livvie? Don’t you want chocolate or banana or strawberry?” when I shouldn’t have questioned her. :-/ I guess that means that she appreciates the simpler things, right? So anyway. Sticking with the vanilla cake, but strawberry buttercream sounded too good to pass up! :)

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Olivia’s Owls

March 6, 2011

My cute little niece Olivia turned six! I knew I’d have to make some kick-butt cupcakes for her birthday party so I turned to my girlfriend Martha Stewart for some ideas….. I found these cute little owls (I know, owls aren’t typically considered cute) and decided I’d tweak some things and make them my own. Olivia is not your standard six year old, she loves birds, has bug catching kits, and knows WAY too many latin plant when I saw the owls I knew she’d like them :)

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All of my favorite candies have two things in common….chocolate….and caramel…Twix, Milky Way, Snickers, Milka Crunchy Caramel, that one thing from Milwaukie Candyland, etc… So I decided to put these two into a cupcake! :) I have made caramel buttercream before but it was only semi-homemade. I will include options for either, but I assure you, caramel is not hard to make :) It just takes a careful eye.

I am always in the mood to bake. The thought of putting on my cupcake apron, blasting some music, and covering myself in flour is just too tempting! But the urge to bake gets even more prevalent when there is something else I should be doing, like homework, or cleaning, or exercising. Oops. Oh well! I guess baking is my form of procrastination. :) I should have been doing my German project but instead I decided to make some cupcakes!

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Hello Lover…

February 3, 2011

So I’m sure you all realize that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I used to spend Valentine’s Day with my bf Katty and make treats for her…but she moved to Hawaii and I’m thankful to spend Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend this year, and he deserves something sweet! :) So make these for someone you love, whether it be your Mom, Husband, Sister, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, or Granny :)

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Silky Smooth Lemon Cupcakes

January 30, 2011

So like I had said before, my Dad isn’t the biggest chocolate fan.. So for his joint birthday dinner I decided to create a cupcake using his favorite flavor, lemon. :) And yes, you can buy lemon cake mixes, and they taste fine, but my Dad deserves better!

I decided on creating a lemon cream cheese batter, making homemade lemon curd, and ending with a very light lemon cream cheese frosting. I am a HUGE fan of cream cheese frosting. It can be so delicious and so much more “fancy” than basic buttercream. Adding some fresh lemon zest just allows it to become a more lighter flavor, not to mention make you want to lick the bowl. If you think the lemon curd + lemon batter + lemon frosting is too much, leave the lemon curd out. :)

The cupcakes were a hit, of course. And naturally, I warned my Dad a week in advance that he better be at 24 Hour Fitness everyday until the party, because the calorie count on these are quite high…. :)

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So a couple of weeks ago my cute little niece Rosie had her 2nd birthday party! And since my Dad’s birthday was only a couple weeks away, my family thought to combine their birthday dinner. Naturally, I volunteered to take on the dessert…

For Christmas my good friend Becky got me the New York Times Best Seller Hello Cupcake! and they had a very cute decoration idea for sunflower – ladybug cupcake.  However, I am a big fan of being able to enjoy whatever is on the cupcake just as soon as I unwrap it, and the book had the idea of setting an Oreo cookie on top…ew. So I substituted the cookie for chocolate ganache…yum.

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