Twenty Twelve

January 14, 2012

Wow, 2012! I can’t believe it got here so fast (and we’re all still alive!) ;) I can honestly say that 2011 had a lot of ups and downs for me. With a new year upon us, I feel like it’s time to reflect on the past year and plan for the new one. Because I work at 24 Hour Fitness, I am very much involved with everybody else’s new years resolutions. However, I exercise plenty and eat pretty well….so I’ve decided my resolution is to work harder. Too simple? No, I don’t think so, but this helps me cover every aspect of my life. Primarily focused on work and school, but pours into every other area, cooking, baking, my relationships, etc.

I am now a week deep into Winter term at PSU, where I am taking another grueling 20 credits. After going to my first few classes I have discovered that this term  will have A LOT of busy work. Term papers, book reports, group projects, volunteer hours, web discussions, blah blah blah, the list goes on and on. So in order to blog and bake as often as I can, I need to really stay on top of all of my work! After all, I have a big goal in mind. I will be graduating this year, and after that hopefully moving across the pond to Switzerland with my bf, Fabian. And public health (my major) is HUGE there, so I’ll be working my butt off to find a dream job either in that, or making cupcakes! :) All the while I’ll be taking you little bebes along for the ride!

If I were to tell you about all of my baking new years resolutions, this post would be WAY too long, so instead, I’ll tackle them one by one and let you know how they go. OMG, I also got a new loaf pan that I am very excited about, so one of my posts to come in the next couple of days will include a dessert/breakfast/anytimeyouhavetimetoshovethiscakeinyourmouth mystery flavored loaf. Check back for that or subscribe to my blog so that it emails you when I have a new post! :) (you don’t even want to know how many blogs I’m subscribed embarrassing!) The subscribe info is down at the very end of my homepage! :)

Have you stuck to your New Year’s Resolutions?


PS is it every going to snow here in Portland??? :/


Not a fan of pumpkin pie? Me neither. The texture of pumpkin pie freaks me out.. :/ However the texture of these cupcakes are nothing like pumpkin pie. They’re everything you would expect, light, fluffy and perfectly moist. I first made this recipe about a year ago for Halloween and Thanksgiving and they were a hit with my family (24 Hour Fitness family included.) I decided I would post these so you can try them out and include them for your Holiday festivities.

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I’m baaaack!

November 8, 2011

And boy have I missed my sweet little blog! I apologize for being gone for so long. Like many of you know, I was in Europe searching out my future home.. :) Traveled to six countries in just a few weeks and it was fantastic. Visiting all of those different places led me to amazing culinary adventures as well..

Let me start by letting you know that Fabian’s mom Judith is a wonderful cook and quite the baker and happens to make Austria’s best Tiramisu, layers of Heaven, I’m telling ya. Tasting her’s has me determined to make my own sometime this year, and I am both scared and excited, mostly because I know it will never live up to hers!

Three words: Pizza in Italy.

And let me tell you about something that has me soooo excited…. Before I left I was researching all the cupcake shops in Zurich and Geneva. Well after a huge disappointment in Geneva (one did not exist, the other was closed both times I went and had no hours posted) I hit a jackpot in Zurich…. :)

A Cupcake Affair

Spitalgasse 12

 Zurich, Switzerland 8001

The shop was sooo cute and when we walked in, the woman working was piping cupcakes at the counter… All of the cupcakes were adorable, not to mention delicious. The only draw back was the price. Everything in Switzerland is outrageously priced, but the cupcakes landed about $6 for a regular sized and $4 for a mini! Can you even imagine? Anyway, hopefully if we move to Zurich I can get a job there and make cupcakes and spread my American love all over Zurich! ;)

So I am back, and I am taking 20 credits in school this term so I am super busy but I have quite a few blog entries with recipes ready for you all. :)

Coming up with will be Lemon Bars, Triple Chocolate Oreo Cookies, Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes, etc….


Homemade Oreos

July 26, 2011

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One of my very favorite things to do is go to the Farmer’s Market! I never get to go to  my favorite one at PSU because I work so I decided on Wednesday to go to  my other favorite downtown. So I went and it was so nice, sampled some cheese, got a ton of cherries, a few pints of strawberries, some bread from the Pearl Bakery, etc.. After eating a bunch of the strawberries on the walk home I was already plotting what will come from them next.

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Vanilla Cake Pops

June 17, 2011

As you probably saw on my first cake pop post, I knew these little bebes would be a dessert I’d be making again and again. Now let me tell you, I have taken tons of treats to work for my coworkers, but cake pops seem to be the top request that I have been getting for the past couple of months since I first took some in. Funny thing is, only like 5 employees even got to try them but everybody is begging for them, due to their recent pop up in coffee shops.

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Strawberry Rice Pudding!

April 22, 2011

Where do I even start?? I had never had rice pudding until this AMAZING place opened up two blocks from my apartment last spring…. Pudding on the Rice. It’s the cutest little shop that serves chilled rice pudding in a variety of flavors, including my favorite, Strawberry Fields Forever. You can order a sweet or savory crepe that is made to order, a rice bowl filled with veggies, frozen yogurt, or of course…rice pudding. I’ve been addicted ever since I first went and keep my punch card handy. If you like them on Facebook, they’ll let you know when you can get free treats, get %15 off, etc..

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Ahhh… Yes. My favorite fruit, infused into a buttercream! I was planning on making vanilla buttercream and then I looked in the fridge and saw two pints of strawberries… :) I could have made a strawberry cupcake too, but there are too many times that I forfeit vanilla for something eh…more exciting. I don’t give the sweet taste of vanilla enough credit. But who does?? A few months back I took my niece Olivia to Cool Moon Ice Cream and when she said she wanted vanilla, I gave her the “Really Livvie? Don’t you want chocolate or banana or strawberry?” when I shouldn’t have questioned her. :-/ I guess that means that she appreciates the simpler things, right? So anyway. Sticking with the vanilla cake, but strawberry buttercream sounded too good to pass up! :)

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A Classic: Marble Cake

April 13, 2011

What is better than chocolate cake and vanilla cake in the same bite? Nothing. A childhood classic that is so moist it needs no frosting. Mhm, no frosting. It’s the perfect choice for brunch, an afternoon snack, or anytime you planning on having a cup of coffee or milk.

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Cake Pops!

April 4, 2011

Omg….What took me so long?? These are so cute! I have heard a lot about these little bebes, browsed through Bakerella’s book Cake Pops at Powell’s, and recently have seen them pop up in coffee shops…PS, Starbucks did not invent these, they’re not that cool, okay? So anyway, it happens to be my sister Natasha’s 28th birthday, and it just so happens that she has recently become infatuated with cake pops at her local coffee shop. She even brought me one and said “I know yours would be better so I need you to make them.” So here I am…about to dive into the world of cake on a stick..

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Chicken Tortilla Soup

March 31, 2011


Chicken Tortilla Soup is one of my favorite soups! Whenever I see it on a menu I order a cup. I hadn’t really thought of making my own until recently when I have had incredible luck with other soups and chowders. I come from somewhat of a Hispanic background, my Dad is half Mexican and half Korean. Needless to say Mexican food was a real staple in our home and I have brought that into my own home as I have gotten older. Read the rest of this entry »

Olivia’s Owls

March 6, 2011

My cute little niece Olivia turned six! I knew I’d have to make some kick-butt cupcakes for her birthday party so I turned to my girlfriend Martha Stewart for some ideas….. I found these cute little owls (I know, owls aren’t typically considered cute) and decided I’d tweak some things and make them my own. Olivia is not your standard six year old, she loves birds, has bug catching kits, and knows WAY too many latin plant when I saw the owls I knew she’d like them :)

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Perfect Profiteroles

February 18, 2011

What are profiteroles??? Funny you ask… :)

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Breakfast at Isabel

February 11, 2011

Thanks to our obsession with Groupon my bf and I purchased the perfect one for Isabel in the Pearl District. It was $10 for $20 for breakfast, fantastic! We hadn’t been there before….and we will be going back for sure!! Our service was very good, not busy but I would guess weekends are packed! We picked the perfect day to go. :)

Our food was fantastic. I had read a lot of reviews online before going so that I would have an idea of what to pick. I ordered the Blackberry Pancakes, which were soooo good! 3 perfect sized pancakes with a great texture and perfect amount of berries. I also liked that they aren’t blueberries, everybody does those! Served with a little pad of butter, (not a heart stopping amount) delicious maple syrup, and a sweet little amount of blackberry puree! Yum! Read the rest of this entry »


January 28, 2011

Lately my cupcake addiction has gotten out of control. I knew that I was obsessed when I would fall asleep thinking about cupcake ideas and end up dreaming about them.. I created this blog to share all of my recipes, photos, and baking adventures with you. I get a lot of requests for my recipes and thought that this would be a great way to make them accessible to everyone. I encourage you to post comments, questions, or any feedback that you have.


–rachel :)

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