Banana Butterscotch Cupcakes

November 26, 2011

Yes. Simply delicious.

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One of my very favorite things to do is go to the Farmer’s Market! I never get to go to  my favorite one at PSU because I work so I decided on Wednesday to go to  my other favorite downtown. So I went and it was so nice, sampled some cheese, got a ton of cherries, a few pints of strawberries, some bread from the Pearl Bakery, etc.. After eating a bunch of the strawberries on the walk home I was already plotting what will come from them next.

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One Bowl Banana Cake

February 5, 2011

So I have a problem…

And my problem is when I go to the grocery store, either my bf or I think we are craving bananas and buy them….only for me to find overripe bananas sitting in our fruit bowl a few days later… However, there happens to be a million things to do with overripe bananas, including super moist banana cake! :)

Sour cream is a common ingredient in baked goods to keep them moist. This cake uses only a few ingredients, and only one bowl <—I’m a big fan! I hate doing dishes! This cake only needs two bananas, and is to be made in a 9×9 baking dish. My boyfriend’s Mother gave me a beautiful metal silicone mini bundt pan for Christmas, so I just made it in that! This recipe also works well if doubled which would give you a 9×13.

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