Silky Smooth Lemon Cupcakes

January 30, 2011

So like I had said before, my Dad isn’t the biggest chocolate fan.. So for his joint birthday dinner I decided to create a cupcake using his favorite flavor, lemon. :) And yes, you can buy lemon cake mixes, and they taste fine, but my Dad deserves better!

I decided on creating a lemon cream cheese batter, making homemade lemon curd, and ending with a very light lemon cream cheese frosting. I am a HUGE fan of cream cheese frosting. It can be so delicious and so much more “fancy” than basic buttercream. Adding some fresh lemon zest just allows it to become a more lighter flavor, not to mention make you want to lick the bowl. If you think the lemon curd + lemon batter + lemon frosting is too much, leave the lemon curd out. :)

The cupcakes were a hit, of course. And naturally, I warned my Dad a week in advance that he better be at 24 Hour Fitness everyday until the party, because the calorie count on these are quite high…. :)

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