One of my very favorite things to do is go to the Farmer’s Market! I never get to go to  my favorite one at PSU because I work so I decided on Wednesday to go to  my other favorite downtown. So I went and it was so nice, sampled some cheese, got a ton of cherries, a few pints of strawberries, some bread from the Pearl Bakery, etc.. After eating a bunch of the strawberries on the walk home I was already plotting what will come from them next.

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Strawberry Rice Pudding!

April 22, 2011

Where do I even start?? I had never had rice pudding until this AMAZING place opened up two blocks from my apartment last spring…. Pudding on the Rice. It’s the cutest little shop that serves chilled rice pudding in a variety of flavors, including my favorite, Strawberry Fields Forever. You can order a sweet or savory crepe that is made to order, a rice bowl filled with veggies, frozen yogurt, or of course…rice pudding. I’ve been addicted ever since I first went and keep my punch card handy. If you like them on Facebook, they’ll let you know when you can get free treats, get %15 off, etc..

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Ahhh… Yes. My favorite fruit, infused into a buttercream! I was planning on making vanilla buttercream and then I looked in the fridge and saw two pints of strawberries… :) I could have made a strawberry cupcake too, but there are too many times that I forfeit vanilla for something eh…more exciting. I don’t give the sweet taste of vanilla enough credit. But who does?? A few months back I took my niece Olivia to Cool Moon Ice Cream and when she said she wanted vanilla, I gave her the “Really Livvie? Don’t you want chocolate or banana or strawberry?” when I shouldn’t have questioned her. :-/ I guess that means that she appreciates the simpler things, right? So anyway. Sticking with the vanilla cake, but strawberry buttercream sounded too good to pass up! :)

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